Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Your wrist problem may be a misalignment of one or more joints in your neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist.

Are you experiencing wrist pain? It may be the result of a joint that’s been misaligned in a totally different area of the body such as the neck or shoulder.

Chiropractic adjustments are generally for the spinal area, but they can also be utilized to improve and restore the function of other joins within the body. Essentially every joint can be damaged and have its range of motion reduced, but chiropractic adjustments are often the answer.

Carpal Tunnel: What is it?

In your wrist are a series of ligaments and small bones. These are known as the “carpal tunnel.” Therefore, carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the nerves surrounding them become irritated or damaged. The tunnel typically collapses and strangles the nerve supply to the hand.

Wrist Problems and The Spine

It isn’t particularly intuitive, but it’s actually quite likely that wrist problems may be caused by joint problems occurring in the spine, neck, or elbows. Of course the wrist itself may also be the source of pain. Subluxations in the spine are also often responsible for causing wrist and hand pain.

Other Parts of the Body

Chiropractic treatments in the spinal area can have a positive effect concerning pain in other areas of the body, including anywhere from the feet to the head. Areas like the jaw, hips, and knees can be restored to full functionality after chiropractic adjustments.

Surgery is a Last Resort

Rather than undergoing expensive and potentially permanently damaging surgeries, many patients choose to explore their options with chiropractic treatments with positive outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible for chiropractic treatments to resolve bone spurs?

    Bone spurs are changes to the joints within the body due to too much stress. These are usually the result of problems, which have been left untreated for extensive periods of time. Chiropractic treatments may slow the growth of bone spurs by alleviating the amount of stress on a joint.
  • Is it bad to crack my knuckles?

    Studies have indicated that cracking or “popping” your knuckles will not result in damage to the joints within your hand. However, you should be very careful not to overextend the joints in your hand, as this can result in actual problems. A Chiropractor is best suited to adjust any joint in the body, including those of the hand.
  • Are wrist braces a smart choice?

    In most cases, a wrist brace is simply provided to a patient in order to limit mobility and protect the wrist. This does not actually improve or restore any problematic joints in the hand, and you may wish to explore your chiropractic options for this reason.
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