PMS Premenstrual Syndrome


It’s not all in your head! If there’s evidence of nerve compromise to your reproductive organs, chiropractic care may help.

The nervous system is responsible for regulating every other system in the body, including those which manage the reproductive organs.

Research has indicated that the vast majority of women experience premenstrual syndrome symptoms at some point or another, perhaps frequently. A smaller but still significant number of women have severe PMS.

In the event that you’d like to explore your options of a natural way to manage your premenstrual discomfort without the need of drugs, you may wish to consider chiropractic treatments.

The Spine and PMS

Being that the nervous system truly is the driving force behind all other bodily systems, it’s no surprise that it also regulates your hormones and reproductive system.

Subluxations may remain undetected until you’re properly examined by a chiropractic professional, and they can be directly responsible for health issues which affect women. While more research is necessary, we’ve had experiences that indicate to us that correcting these issues can help with other bodily problems.

Nervous System Problems Are Caused By…

In most cases, three different PMS symptoms can be caused by nervous system issues:

  • Overactive Periods

    – This may include inordinate amounts of cramping or bleeding.

  • Under Active Periods

    – This may include missed periods or even becoming infertile.

  • Irregular Periods

    – Periods which occur sporadically and may be accompanied by pain, spotting, or infertility.


Encourage someone you know suffering with PMS to give chiropractic a try. An undetected subluxation may be the culprit.

Chiropractic Care May Help

If you or someone know is having PMS issues, chiropractic intervention may be a smart choice. In the event that a subluxation is causing the issues, chiropractic treatment can prevent it.

Chiropractic treatments are not intended to treat or “cure” PMS symptoms. However, spinal issues, after having been corrected, may result in an overall improvement in nervous system function and health. This includes the functioning of the reproductive system and therefore may lessen the pains associated with PMS.

There is no reason to experience inordinate amounts of pain on a monthly basis when options like chiropractic treatment exist. If your problems are from nerve issues, we’ll most likely be able to assist you.