Instead of fainting or going unconscious, think of a subluxation as your body’s attempt at managing stress.

Physical stress isn’t always a negative thing. For example, your body will be undergoing “stress” during a trip to the gym, but this is almost always going to yield positive results.

A subluxation is the body’s way of managing stress, even though it can lead to additional problems. Unfortunately, the body has no way of knowing this, and we must intervene if we wish to prevent future issues.

Stress: Physical

Physical stress is usually the result of several different kinds of activities: repetitive motions are the most common culprits. However, “postural distortions” are also quite commonly result in physical stress, which may include simply sleeping improperly. Of course, injuries and accents are also physical stress.

Stress: Mental

If you’re undergoing mental or emotional stress, this can have a profound impact on the physical functioning of the body. These common forms of stress should not be ignored.

Stress: Chemical

The modern environment is an unfortunate source of negative chemicals. We’re awash in a society of drugs, poor diets, alcohol, and many other substances which will have a negative impact on the nervous system. This may result in the body responding with subluxation, and chiropractic treatments may be an excellent option to treating it.

Stress will likely never be eliminated from your life, but chiropractic adjustments may help you deal with them and have the best sense of well being and health as possible.