Meet Olivia Wertz

Licensed Massage Therapist

Olivia believes in the power of healing through ones’ hands and utilizes her skills to help with the process. She is passionate about self care and the overall well being of the client. In addition to a relaxation massage, Olivia educates her clients on what is going on with their bodies, pertaining to tight muscles, knots, trigger points, which can then benefit them further. Body awareness is a key component to massage and Olivia makes sure the clients can fully understand their bodies. Olivia is continuing her education in hot stone, reiki, sports massage, and more to add to her list of modalities she hopes to offer.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Olivia, you may do so via email at [email protected], ONLINE, or by calling the office at (860) 410-4490.

Olivia Wertz||