Reiki for Glastonbury & Newington

Glastonbury Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Reiki is a very old, very effective technique from Japan. It is intended to reduce stress and to promote both relaxation as well as overall physical well being. This technique is generally conducted by a practitioner who is trained in the art of transferring the energy of their life force from themselves and the environment to a willing recipient. It is believed by practitioners of Reiki that in the event one’s life force becomes depleted, restoring it will result in an increase in health and happiness. Sickness, stress, and the rigors of daily life are all responsible for the depletion of one’s life force, and Reiki seeks to be a method of restoring it. These imbalances before treatment can cause a lot of harmful issues in ones life, ranging from the physical to the emotional. Reiki is often referred to as “energy work” and utilizes light or no touch techniques to enhance and rejuvenate the energy centers of your body which may have been depleted.

What Does Reiki Feel Like?

Many patients—even the skeptical—have reported feeling a radiant, light, or uplifting sensation during and after a Reiki treatment. These kinds of specialized treatments are intended to positively effect the entire body, but also the mind as well as the spirit. Near-miraculous results have been reported by patients and practitioners around the world.

Heal The Spirit, Heal the Body

Reiki is a completely natural and safe method which can offer the recipient a host of benefits for a healthy spirit and overall sense of well being. This technique has been applied to patients suffering from a wide variety of illnesses or maladies and almost always results in a beneficial feeling or effect. Reiki is also compatible with all other therapies and medical practices and can therefore aid in a patient’s recovery.

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